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Simple Network Management

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Simple Network Management
Simple Network Management - SNM, an IT infrastructure monitoring solution. It auto discovers SNMP enabled devices and provides enterprise-class reliable uptime monitoring of internetwork devices. SNM does it all in 5 simple steps from installation, application configuration, network discovery, control console display and auto uptime monitoring. SNM provides comprehensive switch port level duplex & speed configuration, utilization & error counter information. It accurately reports all cold start events without depending on trap notifications. It also provides detail tracking information on IP/ARP/MAC as seen on the internetwork devices. Most of all, it is deployment ready to any SNMP enabled enterprise network. SNM is productive immediately. The demo version is full function with a 30 days demo license for evaluation purposes.
Simple Network Management
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Author: Xelfera
License: Shareware
Price: $498
File Size: 23.8 MB
Downloads: 16

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